At Pelia we offer to the market a portfolio of high quality food products. Our focus is to offer new and unique products that differentiate from what exists and to bring them directly from the producers since we are working with short supply chains.

We work with producers carefully selected based on the exceptional quality of ingredients they use as well as their obvious love and passion for what they do. We develop long term relationship allowing us to work closely with them and continually improve our products according to the trends in the market. Furthermore we are always looking for new suppliers and visiting their facilities to check if they cope with the high standards we have placed.

Our team is experienced both in production as well as purchasing allowing us to understand the needs of both our customers and suppliers resulting in productive and efficient cooperation.

All of our products have a story to tell and our aim is to share it with our customers so they know they are getting something exclusive. Therefore whenever we present something new, it is something worth looking at.