Dimos & Georgios
Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Dimos and his son Georgios produce olive oil in the northern Peloponessian area of Epidavros. This region has produced olive oil for thousands of years.

The father and son team produce Olive Oil using the little known Olive variety called “Manaki”. This variety produces a very distinct oil, strong in flavour and aroma, but also vary delicate without a burning sensation on your throat as is common with olive oil.  The taste surprises people as it is different to what they know and most people that try it don’t want to use anything else. The biggest benefit of this variety is that because of its fine but delicate taste it does not dominate food, but instead enhance it.


On the video link you see the production process of how our olive oil is made. We select olives from small local land owners who have groves that have generally been in their families for generations. The olives come to the olive press on the same day that they are cut (this is very important, as even a delay of hours can have an impact on acidity). The olives are then pressed on the same day and the oil that is extracted gets stored on site in the adjecent building to the olive press where it is stored under the proper conditions in steal tanks. Packaging also takes place on site. Dimos & Georgios take great pride in their work and are especially proud to be one of the cleanest Olive Presses in Greece.

Production Process Video