Georgios & Sophia


The story of Georgios & Sophia begins with Sophia’s mother Lela who was passionate in choosing the finest fruits and producing delicious marmalades. These were so delicious and so much better than what was available on the market that George decided to close his restaurant and join his wife Sophia in scaling up the production of these wonderful marmalades and sharing them with the world.

The production facility is in the northern Peloponnese and focuses on creating natural and nutritional products. Ingredients are hand selected from local producers and all marmalade’s are cooked in pans using the traditional method of slow cooking where vitamins and not lost and the maximum aroma stays.

George and Sophia are vary passionate about people getting the right dosage of fruit and concentrate on making something different. They distinguish themselves with their no added sugar range and use of more unusual fruits such as their Pomegranate or Fig jams.

They have also ventured into making their own Chutneys using the rich vegetables from their area.