Nikos - Producer

Nikos grew up in the agriculturally rich region of Korinthia where from a young age he participated in the cultivation of his family’s crops. At University he studied as a food technologist and after spending some time working in Sales he returned to his native Korinthia and begun his honey business. Through this he has learned every aspect of the food business and especially that of running a production facility. Having gained experience dealing with these little details and complications that only someone who has worked in production really understands.

Nikos brings to Pelia a production expertise and is responsible for selecting our producers. With his knowledge he is able to ensure the high quality of our products as well as to secure that professional and correct methods of production are used.

Marina - Industry Specialist

Marina grew up in Cyprus and studied in England where she gained a Masters Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from Cranfield University. She offers 9 years of experience in providing end-to end supply chain and procurement management. Her recent role was in the food industry where she worked as a buyer responsible for imported products for a Cypriot supermarket chain. There she was passionate in searching and selecting high standard producers offering value and differentiation on the shelves with the best possible price.

Marina brings to Pelia industry expertise. Having sat on the other side of the table she understands the needs of our clients and ensures that our products are produced, presented and offered in such a way as to give our clients exactly what they need.

Philip - Founder

Philip grew up in England and was groomed from a young age to join the construction material industry which his family had been involved in for the previous 3 generations. However during his childhood he often visited his native Greece where he was always fascinated by how food products were grown. As he got older his appreciation for taste grew and he never quite understood why the same thing could taste so different in Greece than it did in England. After graduating University in the United States he worked within his family’s business for some years until his urge to create something for himself grew very strong and his deep passion for food made it obvious that it would be in food. This is where he joined Nikos and Marina and start Pelia.

Philip brings to Pelia his business experience and is responsible for the administrative side of Pelia. He also prides himself on developing mutually beneficial partnerships closing the gap between local producers and sophisticated international corporations.