Periklis & Team


Periklis and his team have dedicated themselves to making unique products with sensational tastes. Always using a foundation on nuts, Periklis has developed an extraordinary talent in extracting the maximum taste out of nuts.

The portfolio of products produced by Periklis and his team ranges from premium chocolate spreads with nut contents of up to 30% depending on the product to highly nutritional enriched Tahini spreads combining the very best of Greek flavours.

Through a combination of experience and talent Periklis and his team have developed an extraordinary feeling for nuts always roasting them to perfection.

Roasting is a key element in the process as it is what determines the correct flavour of the nut. Both over roasting as well as under have a huge influence on the release of aroma, and it is there that the team really distinguish themselves.

The team takes great care in selecting the correct nuts. Pistachio’s for example come from the island of Aegina, famed for its world class pistachios.

All nuts are checked carefully before being processed making sure that no shells or unwanted elements are amongst the nuts.

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The end result are products that just taste like Magic. The only danger is that you will never have enough.

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